Potty Pancakes

Despite people always telling me they’re amazed by my appetite, every once in a while I really do feel smug about my eating capabilities and this was definitely one of those times! When I got invited down to Potty Pancakes and burger bar ahead of pancake day I was so excited to visit – any place serving pancakes is always going to be a winner in my eyes but I’d stalked them on Instagram and some of the stacks I’d seen looked absolutely insane! Although compared to the average person I probably do eat a lot more sugar/junk food, I honestly can’t remember the last time I was served something this amazing looking (this is one of the photos from their Instagram account!).

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The Haberdashery

I love it when places take bookings. You know you can be guaranteed a seat at an exact time and you don’t have to guess how long the wait will be, or stand outside in the freezing cold for what feels like hours. I completely understand why most popular London brunch spots don’t take bookings though; they’re small, always packed, and people (including me!) are prepared to queue for quite some time to eat good food. It sucks though, when a place claim they don’t take bookings then they close early for a “private function” (read: booking!!) meaning you can’t get in. The problem is with some of the best brunch spots too, is that they’re a little out of the way so it’s not ideal when you’re left unable to get in.

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Amici Meie

Yet another amazing restaurant in Shoreditch! I’d spent the entire week trying to decide whether I wanted to go here, where the menu is huge and has everything you could possibly want from a British-style Italian restaurant, or whether to go to Lardo, which looked to be a little more authentic, with a much smaller menu and more alternative/unique options. In the end, I decided that I wanted a giant pizza, a huge variety of food and after a long day in London, I couldn’t be bothered to travel to London Fields to go to Lardo, so I finally came to a decision!

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