Coconut Collaborative

As a dessert-lover with a huge sweet tooth, I always love trying new products and I’m so grateful for the free samples that I get sent, particularly when it’s products that I might not otherwise spot or have the chance to try. I absolutely love coconut – coconut itself, coconut milk, coconut cream and all things coconut flavoured (ok.. except for coconut water – I can’t stand the stuff!) so when Coconut Collaborative added a new lemon pot to their dessert range I couldn’t wait to try it!

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Boucan Restaurant (Hotel Chocolat)

As absolutely huge Hotel Chocolat fans we couldn’t have been much more excited when we found out they were based in St Lucia. We couldn’t wait to eat at their restaurant – Boucan – we’d even considered staying at their hotel but we’d fallen in love with the beautiful Sugar Beach resort.

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R chocolate

For a chocolate lover like me, I genuinely don’t think I could imagine a more heavenly way to spend a weekend afternoon than having chocolate afternoon tea. I was lucky enough to be spoilt by one of my closest friends and taken here for a (very!) belated birthday present. We’re both so busy that it’s hard for us to find time to catch up, so spending hours chatting over tea, coffee and cake was absolutely perfect.

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Sometimes (let’s be honest – pretty much every time) I go on brunch dates with friends, I feel like the greedy one – the one who wants to order several plates of food while everyone’s stuffed after one. There’s nothing worse than going for tapas with picky eaters with small appetites, so when I arranged this particular brunch date, I jumped at the opportunity to go to Andina. I’d been to Opso with this friend before, and we’d ordered an absolute feast between us – like me, she’s up for trying pretty much anything (except offal; we both agreed that’s firmly off the table!) and she can eat.. a lot!

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